City Church

Groups Cultivate Unity among Home Fellowships

Last night I was privileged to participate in a meeting of like-minded brothers and sisters who are seeking fellowship and freedom through authentic Christ-centered relationships. Two home fellowships that seem to have one mind about the church today came together to share their hearts for God and for his church in State College. There were plenty of questions and a few ideas offered, but certainly many questions remain. Today, I have a heightened sense of expectancy about what God is going to do with the church in State College, and I’m eager to see changed lives, healing, and spiritual growth in the believers. We have a great opportunity to listen corporately for what God wants to do and carefully build the church that keeps Jesus Christ at the helm and enables true freedom for the believer. In the weeks ahead, several of us will be praying / thinking through what this looks like so we can effectively be ‘living stones’ in an emerging city fellowship.