Limits Ensure Biblical Church Expression

In order to facilitate a higher fidelity expression of the biblical church in our time, we commit ourselves to the following principles. To ensure a biblical expression of the church, the participants in the organic Christian church of State College:

  1. Will not seek to be legally organized.
  2. Will not require or recognize membership, but rather an affiliation based on adherence to a common statement of beliefs and voluntary participation in fellowship meetings.
  3. Will not manage assets or finances, common to the community of faith.
  4. Will not own property (as an ownership entity).
  5. Will not provide compensation for people for roles they perform in service to their beliefs and the community. Individuals are encouraged to give freely as they are led by their own convictions.

By contrast, we:

  1. Will encourage giving to itinerant workers of the Gospel, in order to facilitate support for their labor. That is, workers whose call is beyond State College in the realm of missions and church-planting. this is how we understand the intention of God’s word in light of the paradox that exists between 1 Corinthians 9:9 and 2 Corinthians 2:17.
  2. Will provide awareness of support needs that exist both inside and outside of this community of faith. These needs will be met directly by participants in the fellowship as the Lord leads.

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