Organic Christian church of State College

seedling in good soil.The organic Christian church of State College is a network of independent house churches – believers who are submitted to one another in Jesus Christ. Our common ground is simply in our adherence to the basic tenets of the Christian faith and a common desire to see lives transformed through authentic relational Christianity, primarily in the context of small groups, and outside of a traditional, institutional church model. We seek to establish and maintain unity only in the person of Jesus Christ. The essentials for this, as we receive them from scripture, are defined in our Statement of Beliefs. Our vision is to see this approach to church, fellowship, ministry, and outreach clearly understood and broadly adopted.

While we embrace the idea of pastors (shepherds) and qualified overseers (elders), these functions are not viewed through the filter of typical leadership – at least in any organizational sense. These are not elevated positions, but positions of stewardship and service.  We aim to rely, as best we can, on the gifts that the Holy Spirit dispenses to be the basis for decision-making and direction.

Learn more about the historical and biblical basis for home fellowship.