What do you mean by “organic”?

When Jesus described the Church, he used metaphors that implied a living organism: “I am the Vine.” The carnal organizations that attempt to provide a structure for living Christianty are not, themselves, “living” whatsoever. They are largely government-sanctioned entities, 501c3s, ultimately accountable to government for their benefits, not God. By virtue of these benefits, the church can be (and has been) restricted in terms of what it can and can’t say and do.Further, what the government bestows, it can also take away.

Even when Jesus used the inanimate term “stones”, He applied the seemingly contradictory modifier, “living“. The organic Christian church of State College is not a 501c3. The benefits that it enjoys are bestowed through the Holy Spirit, solely by its head: Jesus Christ. It is with this peculiar departure from tradition, and full attribution of authority to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that we embrace the term “organic”, and it is in this context that we seek to equip believers to operate in their spiritual gifts.